The Robin Paige Victorian-Edwardian Mysteries

by Bill & Susan Albert

writing as
Robin Paige

The Robin Paige Victorian-Edwardian mystery series was written by Bill and Susan Albert from 1994-2006. There are a dozen books in the series (now completed), beginning in the mid 1890s and continuing through 1903.

The series features two sleuths: Kate Ardleigh Sheridan and Sir Charles Sheridan. Kate is an Irish-American woman who writes under the pseudonym of Beryl Bardwell. She comes to England and inherits a small fortune and the estate of Bishops Keep, located in East Anglia, near the village of Dedham, Essex. Sir Charles is a landed peer and amateur scientist with a special interest in new forensic techniques, such as fingerprinting, ballistics, toxicology, and photography. In each of the twelve series books, Kate and Charles meet notable figures of their time.

For a note from Susan (and some responses from readers) about the decision to "retire" Robin Paige, see Susan's blog entry.

  1. Death at Bishop's Keep —Kate and Charles meet and solve their first mystery together.

  2. Death at Gallows Green —Beatrix Potter joins the sleuthing team, and Jemima Puddleduck finds a missing girl. (Meet Mrs. Tiggywinkle too.)

  3. Death at Daisy's Folly —Royal mischief with the Prince of Wales and the Countess of Warwick.

  4. Death at Devil's Bridge —Featuring Rolls & Royce (of automotive fame).

  5. Death at Rottingdean —Rudyard Kipling helps solve an espionage mystery.

  6. Death at Whitechapel —Kate and Charles help Jennie Churchill and her son Winston confront some ugly accusations about Randolph Churchill's role in the Ripper murders.

  7. Death at Epsom Downs —Lillie Langtry plays a dangerous game of Secrets with Kate, while Charles tries to get to the bottom of a horse-doping scandal that threatens the entire racing community.

  8. Death at Dartmoor —Charles and Kate have come to Dartmoor so Charles can carry out a fingerprinting project at the prison and Kate can research her new Gothic novel. Someone else is visiting Dartmoor as well: Arthur Conan Doyle, who is there to write his most famous Holmes-and-Watson thriller, "The Hound of the Baskervilles." The Sheridans team up with Doyle to solve a prison escape and a murder of supernatural proportions.

  9. Death at Glamis Castle —Kate and Charles journey to Scotland to rescue a Royal who has been dead for nearly ten years, and find themselves in the middle of a German plot to topple the Crown.

  10. Death in Hyde Park —A bomb meant for England's new King Edward and Queen Alexandra reveals a terrorist plot and raises the urgent question: in a world of spies and counter-spies, who are the real terrorists? When Jack London, American author and known Socialist, is drawn into this multi-layered plot, Kate and Charles have plenty of untangling to do.

  11. Death at Blenheim Palace —Kate and Charles travel to sumptuous Blenheim Palace, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. But all is not well between the Marlboroughs, for the guest list includes the exotic, erotic Gladys Deacon, the Duke's lover, and the plot involves an apparent kidnapping and murder. The book also features Winston Churchill, the Duke's cousin, and a young Ned Lawrence, known later in his life as Lawrence of Arabia.

  12. Death on the Lizard —Guglielmo Marconi's new wireless telegraph is making news and wreaking havoc in the telegraph industry, so it's no wonder that someone is out to steal his secrets and put him out of business. Charles Sheridan is on the case, while Kate has another mystery to solve. The book features the young Marconi, Oliver Lodge, and the gorgeous landscape of Cornwall.