Death at Daisy's Folly

The Third Robin Paige Victorian Mystery

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Kate and Sir Charles gather with a host of memorable guests at the Warwicks' Eaton Lodge for an English country-house weekend. Meet Albert Edward, Prince of Wales; his "darling Daisy," the Countess of Warwick; their friends—and their enemies. Someone has murdered a stableboy and the Prince, smarting over a recent gambling exposé and seeking to avoid scandal, directs Sir Charles to find the killer. But the stakes go up when a guest is shot with the Countess's gun.

  • "A marvelous Victorian series." —Meritorious Mysteries

  • "Eminently satisfying... intricate mystery. Delightful pair of sleuths. A wonderful sense of atmosphere and place." —Gothic Journal

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Warning! Contains spoilers (plot hints).

Second book in the series: Death at Gallows Green

Fourth book in the series: Death at Devil's Bridge