Death at Devil's Bridge

The Fourth Robin Paige Victorian Mystery

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Newlyweds Charles and Kate Sheridan have moved into Kate's ancestral Georgian home Bishop's Keep, where Kate plans to devote herself to her writing and Charles to the responsibilities of the landed gentry. He agrees to host an automobile exhibition and balloon race at Bishop's Keep attended by Europe's foremost investors and inventors, among them the young Mr. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

But speed, competition, and money prove to be more explosive than gasoline—and for one automobile builder, more deadly....

  • "An original and intelligent sleuth... a vivid recreation of late Victorian England." —Jean Hager

  • "This delightful Victorian romp will teach you much more history than you thought you ever wanted to know." —Meritorious Mysteries

Third book in the series: Death at Daisy's Folly

Fifth book in the series: Death at Rottingdean