Death at Daisy's Folly

The Third Robin Paige Victorian Mystery

Discussion Questions

We offer these questions to encourage discussion of various aspects of the book. If you have comments or additional questions to suggest, please email us. You are invited to print these questions and share them with other readers. But if you haven't read the book yet, beware. These questions contain "spoilers"—hints about what happens in the mystery.
—Bill and Susan Albert

  1. As an American, Kate is an outsider to the kind of social, romantic, and political intrigue that goes on at Easton Lodge. How does her outsider's view help us see what's going on?

  2. Throughout her life, Daisy Warwick was notorious for her ability to cause raised eyebrows. What are some of the ways in which she challenged the status quo? From the point of view of the Victorian society in which she lived, which were the most acceptable? Which were the least acceptable?

  3. The need to keep things secret—out of the public eye—is a powerful motive for many of the characters in this book. How many people have something to hide? How does this compelling motive influence the way justice is meted out at the end of the book?

  4. In real life, Daisy was a good-hearted woman who tried to improve the lot of ordinary Englishmen and women. As the authors suggest in their "Historical Note," she was in many ways a tragic and complex figure. In this book, what are some of the contradictions in her character? What makes her "tragic," in your view?