Death at Glamis Castle

The Ninth Robin Paige Victorian Mystery

Discussion Questions

We offer these questions to encourage discussion of various aspects of the book. If you have comments or additional questions to suggest, please email us. You are invited to print these questions and share them with other readers. But if you haven't read the book yet, beware. These questions contain "spoilers"—hints about what happens in the mystery.
—Bill and Susan Albert

  1. In this book, Kate and Charles go to Scotland, at the command of King Edward. Did you enjoy the Scottish settings of the book? Did you find them realistically drawn?

  2. Glamis Castle, the family home of the recently-deceased Queen Mother, plays a major role in this book--almost the role of a character. If you have visited the castle, did you find it realistically depicted? If not, could you get a sense of the mysterious power of this castle, which has endured for so many centuries? What are some of the passages that created this sense for you?

  3. In this mystery, the back story (what happens before this story begins) is really the story of the Royal Family. What is this back story? When does it begin? Who are its major characters? What do they do? How do their actions lead up to the present situation?

  4. It is often difficult to thread a complicated back story into the present situation of a novel. Did the authors handle this well, or were you left with some confusions?

  5. In the "present" of the novel, Charles is confronted with two mysteries: the disappearance of Lord Osborne and the actions of a gypsy tinker. How are these two mysteries connected? When does Charles discover this connection? How are these two mysteries resolved?

  6. Kate and Beryl Bardwell, as usual, are looking for background material for another of their novels. How does this fit into the story? How do Kate's/Beryl's efforts to obtain this background material contribute to Charles's task of solving both of these mysteries?

  7. In their note to the reader, the authors say that this book is tied into two previous books: Death at Whitechapel and Death at Rottingdean. If you have read these books, how does your knowledge expand and enrich what happens in Death at Glamis Castle. If you haven't read these books, do you feel at all frustrated by not knowing what leads up to this story?