Photos taken at Susan's book events, 2006

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Susan was delighted with this introduction in verse when she spoke in Michigan in April. Many thanks to Marcy Dailey for sharing it with us!
It's no Mystery

by Marcy Dailey
Rolling Prairie, IN
April, 2006

Who writes the best "who-dun-its"
Jam-packed with herbal lore?
Who feeds our needs for intrigue
Spiced with recipes galore?

Who travels here from Texas
To speak and sign our books?
Whose nationally acclaimed best sellers
Keep us pondering the crooks?

The culprit here's no mystery,
In fact she's quite well known;
This former English professor's
Reputation stands alone.

She's Ms. Susan Wittig Albert
Who writes of China Bayles.
From "Thyme of Death" to "Bleeding Hearts"
Our heroine prevails

Ms. Albert's further credits boast
Non-fiction and short stories,
With over 60 children's novels
Added to her glories.

Writing with her husband, Bill,
Under pen name "Robin Paige,"
Eleven Victorian mysteries
Now are all the rage.

Beatrix Potter's featured
In her newest mystery series.
(After this morning's program
You may offer up your queries.)

We're so honored by her presence,
It's not hard to deduce;
Ms. Susan Wittig Albert
I'm most pleased to introduce!

Buda Library,
Buda TX, November 18

Susan and Vicki Meldrum

Sisters in Crime 20th Anniversary Party at Murder by the Book,
Houston TX, October 13

Bill in a funny hat and Debbie, celebrating Friday the 13th

Bill (one of Susan's favorite authors) and Judy Crider and more funny hats at the SinC party

Murder by the Book,
Houston TX, October 12

Susan in her lecture mode

The Book of Days is here at last!

Book Sleuth,
Colorado Springs CO, September 4
(photo from Deb Saxon)

Susan, Deb Saxon

Denver Botanic Gardens,
Denver CO, September 2
(photo from Mary Karen Euler)

Susan, Mary Karen Euler

Monticello Union Township Public Library,
Monticello IN, April 6
(photos from Art Morgan)

Art Morgan made and decorated a little model house
suggested by the cover art on The Tale of Holly How

Holly How Rock Cottage,
crafted by Noelle Gohmann of Louisville, KY

Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library,
Plainfield IN, April 6
(photos from Charr Skirvin)

Susan Albert & Erik Kurtz

Barnes & Noble,
Louisville KY, April 8
(photos from Holly Votteler)

Lyn Allen, Susan Albert, Kelly Bard

Lyn Allen, Susan Albert, Holly Votteler

Alpha Park Public Library,
Bartonville IL, April 10
(photos from Julie Niemeier)

Julie Niemeier, Susan Albert, Betsy Detrick

Hiawatha Public Library,
Hiawatha IA, April 11
(photos from Pat Struttmann)

Brookdale Library,
Brooklyn Center MN, April 12
(photos from Diane Sannes)

Susan Albert, Susan Burkhalter

Susan Albert, Diane Sannes

Carline Bengttson, Susan Albert, Sue Halvorsen

Diane Sannes, Susan Albert, Sue Halvorsen

Red Wing Public Library,
Red Wing MN, April 13
(photos from Joyce Harlow)

Booked For Murder,
Madison WI, April 13
(photo from Becky La Fond)

Susan Albert, Becky La Fond

Cox Arboretum & Gardens,
Dayton OH, April 17
(photos from Yvonne Dunphe)

Susan Albert, Sandi Phipps

Susan Albert & the herbies

Susan Albert & the herbies

Greene County Herb Study Group,
Xenia OH, April 17
(photos from Sandy McHugh & Jane Willeman)

Dea, Susan

Westlake Porter Public Library,
Westlake OH, April 18
(photos from Elaine Willis)

Mary Worthington, Susan Albert

Sue Cozzens, Susan Albert

Susan in the Reading Garden

Warren-Trumbull County Public Library,
Warren OH, April 19
(photos from Pat Fuller)

Susan Albert, Pat Fuller

Indiana County Reading Council,
Indiana PA, April 19
(photo from Lisa Altemus)

Susan Albert, Lisa Altemus

Governor Wolf Historical Society,
Bath PA, April 20
(photos from Judy)

Moravian Books,
Bethlehem PA, April 21
(photos from Beth Delaney)

Charlotte Herb Guild,
Charlotte NC, April 30
(photos from Jennifer Schmidt)

Susan Albert, Jennifer Schmidt

Susan Albert, Jennifer Schmidt

Gaston County Public Library,
Gaston NC, May 1
(photos from Carol Reinhardt)

Rowan Public Library,
Salisbury NC, May 1
(photos from Melody Moxley)

Fran Burding, Susan Albert

Buffalo Springs Herb Farm,
Raphine VA, May 6
(photos from Don Haynie)

Susan being invested with her magical May Queen's regalia
(that's Don Heynie on the right and last year's May Queen on the left).
Wouldn't Ruby have loved this occasion?

Susan as May Queen

Susan and her May Court (aren't those girls beautiful?)

A full house at Buffalo Springs Herb Farm

Victoria Public Library,
Victoria TX, May 19
(photos from Katherine Stack Henley)

Ruth Dahlstrom & Susan Albert

EarthWorks Herb Fest,
Victoria TX, May 20
(photos from Jim Chew)

Pennsylvania Lavender Festival,
Fairfield PA, June 17
(photo from Karen Ash)

Susan with Karen Ash. Karen says that she and her daughter (whose dream is to become the next China Bayles) read the books as soon as they hit the shelves.

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